Month: January 2013

psychedelic cemetery

I sort of wrote this song in my head about 22 years ago, but never really put it together. Guess this one needed some gestation time. Played on my new Yamaha, which stays in tune!


what do you offer
a city
that moonlights as a screw?

how do you grease its palm,
when it’s got no mortgage to sweat,
no booze habit,
no gambling,
no companion but the keys
and the way
they ricochet
through the walls.

what do you give
to stop the flow of minions – and how they don’t disappoint!

the morning signal failure,
executed with a headsman’s care

in the subway
you smell him first,
glance to see
his pants are
down and soiled.

the electro-rotarian squeals

on the train
some grizzled guitar players
from kentucky
and you figure
they were probably good

thrift store camera

the signs are there.

somebody loved you once,

back when it was

easy to do.

You’ve got that little pleather pouch

that screams

“I mean business.”

I get closer to the lens barrel

and catch a hint of pipe smoke.

In the right hand corner,

a little red stamp



Now there’s just the warden,

and his hands are

only authors for

the little dents and dings

on your film plate.

Gifts for when another one walks away.


how the love recedes

when it gets hard.