Month: June 2013

a flare, and then nothing

He dialed Hilda’s number, but hung up on the second ring. Tried again, but it went the same way. On the third go-round her sleepy voice picked up right away.


“There is always something there to remind me,” he sang flatly¬† into the phone. “Da dum dum dum.”

He does that sometimes.

“Jacob, why are you doing this? Just let go.”

“I already have.”

He hung up and began making a sandwich.



don’t ask the neighbor about this one

I have never had a zombie
leave me flat
when the cool kids came around
break the toys they knew
my folks couldn’t afford to replace.

I have never had a zombie
give me a bum stock tip
slip a mickey into my drink
in hopes of picking the bones.

No zombie I know of
ever even considered
wiping dog shit on my leg
for the amusement
of the parish magnates.

And to my working knowledge,
zombies do not
rape, rob or imprison their own.

they do not throw fights
extort you into doing it.

And where I come from,
moaning “BRAINS!!!!”

is considered
fair warning.

I wanted to make this poem
more elegant
but sometimes
just have to say it.