Month: August 2013

i can’t get there right now

I built failure into the plan,

not knowing

that it was already lurking deep in there.

My mind leafs through
audio cassettes of

cracking thunder
cracking men
cracking me


and yes,
the order counts

The strangest thing about villainy
is how inspiring it is
to those who discover it in mid-life.

I pass by a store that sells fright masks.

It’s empty now,
but from the looks of things,
they’ve gotten to the whole damn town.

Over on the service road,
a Mister Softy drives by,
screams, curses, waves
to no one.

Lets go of the wheel.

he’s going to
see things through.







they’re all in great shape
but the shape itself can be a lie,
the form itself can be a lie.

the only truth is the grave.

the grave,

with its
more-than-the-earth-can-hold captors

the grave,

with its
more-than-the-shelf-can-hold chapters.


this truth comes bone white
and it points
and it is unprejudiced in its selection

and sometimes
that selection is you.

I’ve seen the truth weave

and what comes out

is your denial.


like peter on an acid loop.

but peter and the truth met up,

and when they did,

they didn’t disagree.