Month: December 2013

a hell of a detour

it’s not that


are all that’s left

of that time,

it’s just that

they happen

to glisten and scream

on these moments,

bare in the winter light.

I can remember

Jake telling me

Don’t dare have twenty friends,
number four would murder you.

and my past is, then

pockmarked with murderers.

I’ve watched people

just enough

to see

the way they get smaller,

the way life abrades them into


just shy of  a ghost

and just ghostly enough

to shake the shackles

and say boo.

I only believe
in men who have worn chains,
and even then,
I keep my back
to the corner.

It’s clear.

If you
allow yourself

the luxury to believe in ghosts,

you’ll never again


what it is

to miss someone.