Month: December 2015

12.22 haiku

a single shadow

that happens to have no end.

walk through with fire.

arcades and spectral slaps

I’ve got me a ghost

with a deep pocket

full of quarters

and he uses them to

play me like

the old Space Invaders,

you know the one:

scarred, scared and running

in the back of Artie’s Hobby and Collectibles.

And when the alien ships
flash and bleep to

the end,

he mutters ghostly curses
and pastes me one upside

the noggin,

the ghostly, ghastly ghost quarters



a fish-hook

to another failure.

Thanks, I’ve got it

I have an automatic
distrust for people
who say they want to help.

I’ve been to their parties,
seen their faces droop and crinkle
when I tell them what
college I went to.

it’s not that I don’t like people,
it’s just that I prefer them
in a certain space,
one that, with any luck,
is a good distance away
from the one
I’m occupying.