Month: January 2016

it’s out there

I’m on the hunt

for a scream,

the type that


the brick, the pavement, the stink

of this perdition we ourselves built.

I’m on the hunt

for a scream,

crouched low,

parting the tall grass,

examining only those

behaviors unique to the landscape.

I’m on the hunt

for a scream,

pith helmet screwed up top,

riding crop piercing through,

the sounds about me

circling like

buzzards on angel dust
buzzards on methamphetamine
buzzards on hopes that are lonely.

Look, they could

sell you

this type of thing

but it wouldn’t hit your gut right,

and you’d

hate to hear the price


they skimped on the painkiller


is the vulture of hearts

and its coiled talons

reek of

rent hopes,
names you misplaced along the journey.

I’ve turned my collar up,
a resistance as token as
waving bye-bye to a
dying star.

Look, forget the promises,
you made them with tied hands,
you made them while in pain.

people don’t change

I can remember

Greta Beck

sticking a pin into an apple,

spreading mustard on it,

then taking a bit.

For Vinnie Gracie,

this just didn’t compute:

“I swear to Christ,” he foamed,

“I’m gonna beat the shit outta you after school!”

“I swear to Christ, after school you are fucking dead!”

Chunklets of lunch sprayed from him

and he meant it.

It was this way in our little school,

which is to say

call and response.

Like seppuku,

there was a strange and terrible beauty there,

but you’d only come to realize it

much later on.